Planning Statements

Are you looking to apply for planning permission for any development? You may need to submit a planning statement to accompany your planning submission. Speak to our planning specialists in biT who are ideally positioned to prepare a planing statement on your behalf.

If you are looking to apply for Planning Permission for any development (including, but not limited to householder extensions, new builds and changes-of-use) you may wish to submit a Planning Statement to accompany your planning submission. As a Consultancy with Public Sector ‘know how’ and handling Planning Statements for all scales and types of planning applications on a daily basis, biT is ideally positioned to prepare a Planning Statement on your behalf.

Let biT prepare a Planning Statement on your behalf to support your planning application. Planning Statements can essentially be seen as an enhanced Design and Access Statement, explaining the principles regarding the development, affording the opportunity to explain the merits and how proposals have been developed and appropriateness within its locality and wider area, and crucially a more focussed analysis of compliance with Planning Policy. The document includes a justification of the technical aspects, including, albeit not limited to highway, arboriculture, ecology, landscaping and planning policy, and affords an opportunity to explain to the Local Planning Authority any benefits that the development may bring, including provision of much needed Affordable Housing, or bringing a derelict Listed Building back into use.

Planning officers within biT review Planning Statements on a daily basis, covering all differing types of development proposals and therefore know exactly what is needed to justify your scheme and to put the very best case forward to the Local Planning Authority with a robust analysis of Planning Policy.

For more information please contact our team at contact@bit-group.co.uk or call us on 01952 380 039