Local Councils and Community Groups

biT recognises the importance of the community involvement and has significant experience to assist local Town and Parish Councils, or community groups.

The Localism Act 2011 offers local communities direct power to develop a shared vison for their neighbourhood; giving an opportunity to write their own policies, rather than just comment on those written for them. This gives communities control on the location of homes, shops and offices, the design of them and what infrastructure is required to support growth.

Neighbourhood planning is not a legal requirement, but gives communities a powerful tool to shape a shared vision. biT is committed to assisting neighbourhoods to deliver their strategies, offering a service that has a wealth of experience with community stakeholders and Local Councils in all service areas.

We tailor all our service to meet the needs of our clients and coordinate all aspects of enquiries in-house, helping neighbourhoods deliver a strong vision.

How we can help

From the preparation of local neighbourhood plans, guidance on community developments to making representations on planning applications, strategies, or appeals, we can provide an accessible planning team that can fulfil your requirements.

We have specialists that understand viability and deliverability of schemes to maximise benefits for local communities under Section 106 agreements and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). In addition, we can provide tailored specialist advice relating to the environment, including Ecological, Play Areas, Built Heritage, Sustainability, and Highway advice.

Our Gold ROSPA Approved officers have enhanced knowledge and expertise for the creation of and maintenance of healthy spaces such as outdoor play areas/gyms which means Town and Parish Councils will receive reliable, accurate and efficient advice.

Working with Town councils we have provided architectural, project management services to deliver complete renovations of existing buildings of community values and historic importance.

Additionally, we have a wide range of in-house specialisms for research and assessments requirements, offering the most up to date advice and guidance and including knowledge of potential lottery funding available where needed.