The Quest to find signs of Dormice in Telford

Help our Ecology team to find signs of Dormice in Telford. All you need to do is look for opened Hazel Nuts which have fallen to the ground!

Shropshire is the Northern stronghold for Dormice populations in the UK. Being one of the rarest and smallest mammals they are very hard to find in the wild. The Shropshire Dormouse Group have regular meetings to discuss the work they are doing to protect and enhance this declining species in Shropshire.

The Shropshire Dormouse Group monitors known dormouse populations monthly at over 10 sites in Shropshire, which feeds into woodland management plans and establishes where our dormice are so that they can be protected. Although the habitat is suitable for dormice in Telford, due to under recording we don’t know if Dormice are here! 

Dormice tend to spend around six months of each year hibernating to hide away from the harsh winter weather so they need to fatten up! Dormice like to feast on hazel nuts so that they have enough energy stored to see them through the cold winter and autumn months. The way dormice open hazel nuts is unique, and is an excellent and easy way to confirm their presence in an area!

Dormice open hazel nuts whilst they are still green. The shells will turn brown quite quickly after they are discarded and fall to the ground. By searching for these shells it is possible to find out where dormice live in order to protect them in the future. While you need a license to survey for Dormice themselves a nut hunt can be carried out safely by volunteers.

Did you know Dormice are declining in the UK? We need your help to find signs of Dormice in Telford. Why not take a walk through one of Telford & Wrekin’s excellent woodland sites and help us find Dormice in Telford!

To find out more information and guidance on how you can help monitor dormice read here: Surveying and Monitoring Hazel Dormice - PTES

If you are interested in monitoring dormice populations, you can join the Shropshire Dormouse Group Facebook Page. If you require further information and a guide to nibbled hazel nuts, please email ecology@bit-group.co.uk